The time of scorpion

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After her younger sister's death under her nose, 'Seung-ah' grabs a revolver and heads it to the perpetrators by revenge. Unfortunately, she fails and also becomes another victim in reverse. A woman called 'Head-hunter' of secret agency 'The time of Scorpion' shows up in hospital and scouts Seung-ah as an agent. Seung-ah accepts her proposal and joins the nationwide organization which punishes notorious criminals. She tries to train harder than others and becomes one of the best agents.
And Seung-ah gets close to a mysterious woman named 'Yu-rim' and finds out that she is a head of the dark-crime organization called 'Faust' which was a group concealed Seun-ah's sister's death. Now, Seung-ah aims to her own revenge to and it's time to bump heads between 'The time of scorpion' and 'Faust'.

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Joara is the nation's best and biggest web novel and webtoon platform with about 2M subscribers since 2000.
Joara IP business team is developing, producing and distributing such as webtoon, film and seires contents based on about 800,000 IP sources.
So far, we are developing original scenario, producing and distributing 50 webtoon and servicing 16 kinds of game contents.
Joara is leading the paradigm shift in the content market by activating the secondary commercialization by producing trans-media contents.

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