Thinking People

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North Korea is the only place in the twenty-first century where there is no freedom of movement. However, there are people who have crossed the border into the South, as in this book in which North Korean defectors serve as the subject. The protagonist, Ju-yeong, goes for a job interview at a publishing company with nothing posted on the walls. There she meets National Intelligence Agent Ko, who instructs Ju-yeong to monitor comments on the internet. After the presidential election, Ko offers Ju-yeong contract work at UNIWON, a resettlement education organization that helps North Korean defectors. There, Ju-yeong meets North Korean children who have defected to the South for various reasons.

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Established in 2005, Sanzini is a publisher committed to cultural democracy and the localization of culture. Based in Busan, Korea, we are one of very few Korean publishers based outside of Seoul. Our location provides us a level of independence that fosters intellectual innovation; with an emphasis on locality, we strive find elements of the universal from the particular. Sanzini publishes a wide variety of works from literature to politics, criticism to language studies.

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