Year of Production
Content Type
2D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 52Quantity Input
Production Stage
Projects in Production
Detailed Genre
Comic Action


Giving thumbs-up is the most common gesture of positivity used by the peoples all over the world. It has the meaning of giving positivity, agreement, and happiness to others. ‘ThumThum’ has strong characteristic with facial expression of surprised mouth and eyes, fingerprint-shaped hair, and a charming butt wearing diaper. Being pure, cheerful, curious, and full of abundant positive energy. ‘ThumThum’ is a simple silhouetted platform character working like a canvas that can absorb diverse contents and styles.

Company Profile

Electural is a Creative Studio. We focus on developing Characters, Stories, and Animations with creative ideas and designs. We hope to convey Joy to kids and families all over the world through our characters and stories.

Character Cartoon Animation Startup


Electural is a Creative Studio. We're
- Developing characters (IP)
- Producing animation
- Licensing business as a Licensor

We have character IPs as below
- The Almond Dog 'AlmonDog'
- Little Kitty Sisters 'Lucy and Julie'
- The Thumb Character ‘ThumThum’
- The Ultimate LAB Trio 'LaBong'

Currently, we are doing a licensing business and producing animations.
We're looking for partners for
- Licensing business (Licensing agency, Licensees)
- Animation co-production and financing
- Retailers

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