Too much and not enough

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Against the backdrop of Vivaldi's Four Seasons and shots of the Venice lagoon, Too much and not enough (2019) offers an exploration orchestrating the conflict between the lack and the excess of two essential elements of life: water and Sun. As an explorer in a futuristic costume, armed with selfie poles and other tripods, Mona - Western name chosen by the artist of Korean origin in reference to the main character of the film Without Roof or Law by Agnès Varda -, surveys places in the potentially fragile ecosystem, alternating between canals and social events in this lagoon so popular since the dawn of time. On tragicomic notes and a flood of superlatives, a symphony is built in three languages ​​- Korean, English and French. Save me, she says, and stranded in the photosynthetic foliage.

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Artiste works in France and in South Korea

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