Top-Goal Rhapsody

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When you think of K pop groups like BTS and Blackpink, what comes to your mind? K pop is popular not only in Asian countries but all around the world. K pop has become a global phenomenon. The reason why it became so popular is because they had great qualities of music in the 80s to 90s and this was like a foundation for the K pop generation now. So we thought it is time for us to bring old K pop songs back and let the world know how special they are. Foreigners singing old K pop songs in many different languages with a strong passion. THE FIRST MUSIC SURVIVAL SHOW FOR FOREIGNERS IN KOREA

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Tcast Co., Ltd

t.cast is Korea's No. 1 total media-entertainment company, with a dominant presence in media, film, and music industries. t.cast operates 10 TV channels, including e-Channel(entertainment), Screen(movie), and Dramacube(drama) among others, providing the trendiest content within a diverse range of genres. t.cast is one of the top tier companies within premium content production.

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