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Online Video Platform/MCN
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111(min) 1Quantity Input


Sangho (Choi Daniel) and Chaehee (Jeong Ji-yoon) who boarded the ferry bound for Weihai in China amid a large crowd of people going on trips. That night, while Sang-ho is away for a while, his wife disappears without a trace inside a ferry located in the middle of an exitless sea.
Meanwhile, Young-kyu (Lim Chang-jung), a long-term smuggling field manager and industry leader, is preparing to work with business trip specialist Kyung-jae (Oh Dal-su), carrier Jun-sik and Mang-jabi Dae-woong after receiving an irresistible offer from his designer Dong-bae. Young-kyu is shocked to see the "something" on the workstation amid tension where even a single mistake is unacceptable. Chae-hee, who she knew in the past, was there!
Sang-ho's persistent pursuit of his wife begins, and Young-kyu is in a dilemma where Chae-hee can't be killed or saved.

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Jaye Entertainment Co., Ltd. focuses on the media image field including multimedia mainly among the many existing content business companies in Korea, so that the unreasonable elements arising from the existing content distribution transactions are treated as sound and reasonable It is a company that has led to the distribution stage. We understand the needs of content holders and content users precisely and provide content, and realize seamless content distribution services through direct and indirect investment. Based on the network and expertise of the existing media field, we have the ability to carry out reliable projects.

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