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ㅇ This game is a shooting-type carnival game machine based on zombie theme which is popular content.
It is a game content that can contribute to the spread of domestic contents overseas by making a motive for Busan, which is one of the most popular Korean movies.
ㅇ The carnival shooting game machine already on the market is a way to shoot on the screen, but it only senses the feeling of impact as a vibration coming from a gun. However, the game machine realizes the screen as a real moving target in order to increase the actual impact feeling, .
In the game machine, pressing the start button moves the zombies in front of you toward the user.
ㅇ The user must fire upcoming zombies to defeat them. A zombie pauses or retreats when it reaches a gun.
At the same time, it is necessary to combat the zombies that move from the back to the left and right together to achieve high scores.
If the zombie crosses over to the "dead line", the game ends.

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We have been developing and producing game machines and various products for about 26 years in Korea.
Especially, in the field of game development and manufacturing, we have made products that are more complete than other development manufacturers.
We have already started to develop products with 4 product groups. We have already participated in this small domestic exhibition (Play Expo). We have already negotiated local production with Chinese companies through localization.
With this in mind, we will develop more differentiated game machines to lead the revitalization of the domestic game industry, and further promote the development of domestic contents through overseas advancement.

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