Travel video automatic generation and supply solution based on AI tech - VIV (ViiV)

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Compared to commercial product reviews, travel reviews are very difficult for users to produce (long editing time and difficulty), and companies that need video reviews are very difficult to secure due to high cost and effort in production.
Users can produce travel review videos very easily using the AI automatic editing function within a minute, and the 50,000 images currently secured can be provided very conveniently to corporate customers who need review content through AI technology and API functions.

It started beta service in 2023 and officially launched in early 2024, achieved indicators such as 30,000 MAUs, 400,000 cumulative downloads, and 200,000 membership subscriptions. Currently, it has secured video reviews focused on countries specialized in travel, including Japan and Korea, Southeast Asia, and Singapore, and supplies them to companies

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VideoMonster Inc.

The explosive growth of the video production market is rapidly boosting the demand for video production. To meet such demand, VideoMonster has built solutions to automate complex and time-consuming video production processes. In addition, VideoMonster is segmenting the market based on different needs and servicing the automated video production service platform accordingly.

1) VideoMonster - Online Short-form Videomaking Platform for Marketing (B2B)
- A template-based videomaking solution that automatically completes motion graphics work files of video design professionals through cloud rendering technology without complicated editing steps

2) ViiV - Automatically generated and supplied travel short-form images based on AI technology Viv (ViiV) (B2B)
- A solution that analyzes the metadata of the video clip taken by the user, creates user-generated content by automatically cutting/editing and designing the image, and delivers the images in B2B form to hotels/OTAs/travel agencies that require review images with API technology

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