TV Animated Series Mongni and Eco guardians I

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2D Animation
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15(min) 26Quantity Input
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TV Animated Series Mongni and Eco guardians I: Save the beautiful island

This Animation is about "Environment". Just watch this, and will know how it is a valuable animation to let them know why and how we save our beautiful island.
There is a black devil dragon, He wants to ruin the peaceful and beautiful island.
A Black dragon creates monsters from environmental pollution such as yellow smoke, chewing gum, food waste, etc.
So Mongni and Eco-guardians fight with them to save the island! If they solve the pollution then the monster also will be gone!
(It's a secret Mongni has a special power can communicate with animals.)

Format:HD / Genre:Comedy / Target:6-10y.o / Language:Korean, English, Chinese

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