ugly adolescent 'GGANG'.

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The ugly adolescent "GGang" is a character created with the motif of an adolescent daughter, the scariest and most confusing second-year middle school student in the world, not in Korea.
With the characteristics of puberty, the name also means gangster Lovely and pretty. Two unspeakably cute rabbits on the outside, but a rabbit with a strong world inside! A character who punishes someone for knocking on the world
He likes rap rather than trot, and he likes salty food rather than healthy food. Anyone can tell that he is still a child, but he likes to make fun of an adult, and secretly dresses up as a sad adult, but he is still awkward.
Sometimes, whether tiredness wins or if I win, I always carry my eyes and dark circles with me, but I know I'm cool.
There is no need for dialogue. Common sense is all the more meaningless to me.
Only me! Only me exists in this world! There's nothing to be afraid of! I'm the adolescent rabbit! GGang!

Company Profile

It means 'I love you. I like you' in pure Korean.


AKKOPDA co,ltd

Our company is a company that manufactures and distributes character design and licensing. The representative character is the ugly adolescent character 'GGANG'. The ugly adolescent 'GGANG' is a story that describes the puberty that everyone goes through with a character, and in order to expand the business area, we are spreading a variety of digital items, general character products, marketing, etc.

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