Vampire Cop Ricky

Year of Production


A mosquito from Transylvania finds its way to Seoul where it bites Na Do-yol, a corrupt police officer. Soon after he begins to develop a thirst for blood, and finds out that he has vampire super powers whenever he becomes sexually aroused. When Do-yol's past misdeeds come back to threaten his partner and girlfriend, he decides to clean up his act and sets out for revenge.

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Broadcasting Game


Nineplanners is a dynamic international content distribution. Launched in 2006, Nineplanners has fast emerged as a leading supplier of high quality factual and scripted content that continues to perform successfully both domestically and around the world. also, We have released films steadily since 2013. Also, working with major channels and many cable channels. We are interested in 4K Ultra HD. Animation, Archive, Arts, Music and culture, Current Affairs, Docs for kids, Educational, youth oriented, Ethnology and sociology, History and Civilization, Kids interactive, Lifestyle, nature and wildlife, Reality, Factual, Science and Knowledge, Experimental film etc.

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