Virtual Ninja VR

Year of Production
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It is a versatile action game that has been proven in global market steams and offline VR cafes.
It is the content of the ninja concept that has been proved popular in Korea's VR theme park, designed to easily adapt to beginners' dynamic action with shuriken and katana.
PC VR, as well as the mobile VR version (Oculus Go, Xiaomi Go, Gear VR, Vive Focus, and Nolo VR) are available on the market and can be cross-multiplied between PC and mobile.

Company Profile

Game Startup Immersive Content


MAMMOSSIX is a company that develops VR/AR and digital twin technology-based content, founded in 2015. The company is led by skilled core members with over 16 years of game development experience.
We developed four titles and served in seven global market stores and 202 location theme parks.
We've patented 'cross-platform' technology that connects all VR devices together.
We showcase our contents on global stages such as IFA and MWC as well as various game shows in cooperation with Samsung Electronics, LG, and Xiaomi.
In preparation for the upcoming VR popularization era, we are developing and testing social network platform contents.

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