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Voice, like handwriting or fingerprints, is a unique characteristic of every individual.
Nadio develops the ‘Nadio Voice Font’, which captures a person's individuality, emotions, and humanity, allowing them to express their unique voice.
Gathered Voice Font Data Including 15 Nadio Authors and
Celebrities Commercialized and Utilized Voice Fonts of
Actors Yoon Yoo-sun, Kim Min-seo, and Im Ho
Nadio Studio is a service that enables easy creation of audio content based on individual voice fonts

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Eargada has a dual meaning that we connect people and technology, while also implicating that it is a company engaged in auditory(ear) communication.

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eargada inc.

- Nadio is an audio content Plaform that focuses on Publishing and Curating unpblished written content into audio format beforehand.
-Nadio Original :
An app containing over 5000 audio works, including audio logs, audio dramas, short stories, and info service (iOS, Android )
Provides audio content to 160,000 users through Nadio App (iOS, Android)
- Extended to Voice Font (TTS), AI Studio & Training Program
- Nadio : Short-form healing audio For 'Na'(me)

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