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Letsee WebAR SDK is a technology that enables AR Contents Running on a Web Browser.
Letsee WebAR SDK freeing smartphone users from having to install numerous apps making Augmented Reality far more accessible for users and more beneficial for business.
Key Features:
- Available for immediate release without need to install any app
- Can be used on any web browsers via various devices
- Empowers its users to create and publish AR content without expertise in Augmented Reality.
- Perfectly compatible with Web content standards that support 2D and 3D, such as HTML and WebGL
- Allows to apply various JavaScript-based library and framework features to AR applications as they are.
- Written in code C, C ++, RUST, etc. to run at a near native speed.
Letsee expertises in Web AR solutions and capable of providing exclusive and immersive marketing support powered with advanced Tech.

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Letsee, Inc.

Letsee team provides Augmented Reality solution based on WebAR technology. Letsee WebAR development kit utilizes web ecosystem, an open content platform where it can advance limitless contents in a timely manner and allows users to view web AR experiences without the need for a separate app to be installed on their devices.
Company partners with major Korean companies and has developed solutions for Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Motors and KEB Bank.

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