Why is Nam Joo obsessed with the Three Kingdoms?

Why is Nam Joo obsessed with the Three Kingdoms?
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I got into a parody novel of the Three Kingdoms.
I ignored the novel and wanted to live a comfortable life while looking around for handsome people. "Yeopo," the craziest man in the world, appeared before my eyes!

"Don't turn your head. If you look at anyone else, it's anyone. I'll kill anyone I catch."
I didn't know "Yupo" was this crazy obsessed guy!

But I remembered that this "yupo" was about dying sooner or later. You can't just let it die!

I go around busy trying to prevent the end of "Yeopo" from dying,
There are so many handsome guys that disturb me! And they fight to have me. Wasn't the main character in "The Three Kingdoms" Yuvi? Why are you doing this to me all of a sudden?

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