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“WonderAsia” is original content of a group of creators. Their travel stories in wild Asia is made for online documentary format. These series of documentaries highlight special moments in history, culture, art with special people that you may or may not be aware of. It is both entertaining and filled with emotion unlike 60mins long documentary format.

“WonderAsia” has a variety of concept and new stories by each region's character, also it would be changed its contents reflecting viewers' live feedback by SNS. It's too personal of existing travel vlog like personal diaries only for fun. So it add a lot of knowledge of culture, history and art to explore ideas and to understand real wild asia. This well-made documentary series can be as entertaining and gripping, and there's the added bonus of it actual making viewers smarter to boot, filling viewer's brain with tons of facts in wild asia!

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Superbean will grow as fast and strong as magic beans in the fairy tale Jack and the Bean Tree, and will give viewers great excitement and joy through the video.

Broadcasting Character Animation Immersive Content

Superbean Corp.

SUPERBAN is a multi-intergrated contents company. Established in 2009 . High Quality contents, superb human resource infrastructure and quality production environment are only few examples of the requisites that make SUPERBEAN one of the leaders in the competitive. With its competitive edge, SUPERBEAN will continue to create opportunities to make inroads in the world with varieties. Documentary, Animation, Musical, Book is our canvas drawing our think creatively.

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