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There is world famous chalk company 'Hagoromo'.
Medias across the world came to CEO Shin hyeongsseok for interviews and their short clips.
Interestingly though, there are various video clips of introducing Hagoromo and inverviews with the CEO ( pretty much similar stories from different medias) but the Hagoromo ceo would like English promotional video that shows good explanation of what the customers really would like to know about Hagoromo brands and videos to play on overseas trade shows.

After several meetings with CEO, I took out some advantages of his products and what people would like to know the most like 'Is Hagoromo making through the same process it did on Japan?' so I sat down and made video to answer what the customers would like to know and hopefully to help Hagoromo to expand their markets into overseas.

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Jeehyun’s K-Warehouse is aimed to introduce finest Korea’s small and medium sized company’s products to overseas markets by taking an advantage of various SNS Channels. On live show in English frequently to promote the products to overseas viewers and encourage them to make a purchase.
Focus delivering the value of products on O to O or C to C business with various promotional videos to show the value of products.

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