World Tour with Bread& Wilk

Year of Production
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2D Animation
Target Age
10(min) 13Quantity Input
Production Stage
Completed Programs
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Korean No.1 Animation Bread Barbershop Spin-off!

In <World Tour with Bread& Wilk>, Bread and Wilk will be touring all around the world?!
Let's travel together with Bread Barbershop's main characters!

Bread and Wilk will be traveling our landmarks and meeting historical people.
What kind of adventure will Bread and Wilk have?

Company Profile

Character Animation

Bread Barbershop Co., LTD

Bread Barbershop Co., LTD is an animation studio established in 2016 to produce
<Bread Barber Shop>. The company was founded by Ji-hwan Jung, who participated in the production for Pororo and Taoyo. The producer Hyunah Ko, participated in Lava and Princess Sofia.

Bread Barbershop is about Mr. Bread, who is the best barber in town, does colorful makeover show for desserts. With his assistant Wilk and cashier Choco, they create stories people can relate.

For the first time, Bread Barbershop was broadcasted on KBS in January 2019. After the success in Korea, it is currently broadcasted in United States, Italy, Mongolia and more.

Bread Barbershop Co., LTD is doing their best to create contents that can be enjoyed by all ages in many countries.

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