XR Shooting Simulator

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XR Shooting Simulator
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Unlike conventional VR approaches, our XR Shooting Simulator utilizes RDW (Redirected Waling) technology. allowing users to participate in unrestricted physical activities within a virtual space without the need for an HMD
Our XR Simulator enhances the user experience by providing heightened immersion and presence while eliminating exposure to the risks and injuries typically associated with traditional shooting training.
Experience realistic shooting training with 5-sided expanded reality space and a specially designed gun controller

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Broadcasting Startup Immersive Content


NEW+作, Creating New Media

We create new media.

We specialize in various areas of convergence content creation,
including XR (extended reality), immersive content, and media art,
cultivating talent in the field of fusion by running projects on
immersive content based on new technology and AI training.

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