Yeti Snack

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Yeti was in trouble because his refrigerator was full of old ingredients. Use your wits to prepare snacks for Yeti by manipulating your ice tray. Yeti enjoys chewing on frozen food with his big teeth. Can you serve the snacks to Yeti before the ingredients melt away?

In Yeti Snack, your objective is to quickly serve snacks according to Yeti's demands. Each player arranges their snack tokens in their ice tray based on the Setup card. When a Yeti card is revealed, everyone starts manipulating their ice tray to move or stack the tokens so that they match the Yeti card's instructions. The round ends when someone completes the task first or when all but one player make mistakes and are eliminated. The winner of the round receives the Setup card as a reward. The first player to collect 6 cards wins the game.

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Mandoo Games Co., Ltd.

Mandoo Games is a board game design studio and publishing company in Korea. We have been focusing on strategy game with fresh mechanic and eye-catching look for family gamers. We're a small group of the experts in this industry. Our vision is to introduce beautiful, fun family games again and again, so making many fans in worldwide who're looking forward to seeing our next projects.

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