Yoohoo to the Rescue

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2D Animation
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Comic Action


Yoohoo and Friends are created based on rare or endangered animals around the world to deliver the green environmental message in line with global trends on the conservation of the natural world and our surrounding habitats. Characterized by their big eyes, bushy tails and colorful soft fabrics, the 5 main characters YooHoo, Pammee, Lemmee, Roodee, and Chewoo are joined by over 70 additional characters representing Endangered, Extinct and Extraordinary animals. New animals are introduced to the collection each year – be sure to look out for these. Over 34 million plush toys have been sold globally in over 60 countries since its launch.

Company Profile

Aurora World Corporation

Character Animation

Aurora World Corporation

Aurora World, an emerging leader in the global content industry, has been at the top of the global plush toys market with its outstanding design capabilities and network. Based on its global business capabilities accumulated over 40 years, YooHoo and Friends, Cuby Zoo, Cutie Curls, etc, Aurora World is transforming into a global content group. With effective sales operations in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and China, we have secured over 80 per cent of our annual revenue overseas.

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