2024 Annual Event Schedule

This is the annual event schedule for 2024 (including B2B/B2C/showcase, etc.).
The annual event schedule is a planned and may change depending on circumstances.

Annual Event Schedule

No, Event, Country (City), Period, Genre, Type of event(Self-Operating/Booth, etc.), Event personality(B2B/B2C)

No. Event Country (City) Period Genre Type of event
Booth, etc.)
Event personality
1 2024 CES USA (Las Vegas) 1.9~1.12 All Booth B2B/B2C
2 Kidscreen Summit 2024 USA (San Diego) 2.4~2.7 Animation Booth B2B
3 Concept Korea 2024 F/W USA (New York) February Fashion Self-Operating B2B
4 The Selects New York 2024 F/W USA (New York) February Fashion Self-Operating B2B
5 SXSW 2024 USA 3.8~3.16 Technology Booth B2B/B2C
6 SERIES MANIA France (Lille) 3.15~3.22 Broadcasting Booth B2B
7 The Selects Paris 2024 F/W France (Paris) March Fashion Self-Operating B2B
8 Fashion KODE 2024 F/W Korea (Seoul) March Fashion Self-Operating B2B/B2C
9 FILMART 2024 Hong Kong March Broadcasting Booth B2B
10 MODE at ZEPETO France (Paris) March or April Fashion Self-Operating B2C
11 Hangzhou Animation Festival China (Hangzhou) late April Animation Booth B2B
12 MIPTV & MIPFormats 2024 France (Cannes) April Broadcasting Booth B2B
13 International Licensing & Derivatives Expo China (Shenzhen) April Character, Animation Self-Operating B2B
14 2024 Saudi Entertainment and Emusement(SEA) Expo Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) 5.7~5.9 Immersive Content Self-Operating B2B
15 Korea-ASEAN K-Content Bizweek 2024 Indonesia (Jakarta) 5.14~5.16 Broadcasting, Animation, Game, Fashion Self-Operating B2B
16 2024 Licensing Expo USA (Las Vegas) 5.21~5.23 Character Booth B2B
17 2024 K-Story & Comics in Japan Japan (Tokyo) May Cartoon Story Self-Operating B2B
18 Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) China (Beijing) early June Webtoon Story Booth B2B/B2C
19 Vietnam International Maternity Baby & Kids Fair Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) early June Character, Animation Booth B2B/B2C
20 MIFA 2024 France (Annecy) in June Animation Booth B2B
21 Shanghai International Television Festival (STVF) China (Shanghai) late June Broadcasting Booth B2B
22 Telefilm 2024 Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) late June Broadcasting, Animation Booth B2B/B2C
23 Hangzhou Animation Expo China (Hangzhou) June Animation Self-Operating B2B/B2C
24 Immersive Content Global Festival UK (London) June Technology Self-Operating B2B/B2C
25 2024 K-Content Video Export Consultation TBD June or July All Self-Operating B2B
26 K-Drama Selection (Drama Screening) Japan (Tokyo, Two regions) June, September, November Broadcasting Self-Operating B2B/B2C
27 2024 Korea Contents Week in Beijing China (Beijing) early July All Self-Operating B2B
28 2024 China Joy China (Shanghai) July Game Booth B2B
29 2024 K-Story & Comics in Europe France (TBD) July Cartoon Story Self-Operating B2B
30 Let`s Talk 2025 France (Paris) July Cartoon, IP Self-Operating B2B/B2C
31 2024 K-Content Expo in Malaysia Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) August All Self-Operating B2B
32 2024 GAMESCOM Germany (Cologne) August Game Booth B2B/B2C
33 Korea Spotlight @Reeperbahn Festival 2024 Germany (Hamburg) 9.18~9.21 Music etc. B2B/B2C
34 2024 Brand Licensing Europe UK (London) 9.24~9.26 Character Booth B2B
35 2024 Korea Contents Week in Chengdu China (Chengdu) early September All Self-Operating B2B
36 Korea-Vietnam Character Festival Vietnam (Binh Duong) in September Character Self-Operating B2B/B2C
37 South Korea Week & Cultural Creativity Forum China (Shenyang) late September All Booth B2B/B2C
38 2024 Tokyo Game Show Japan (Tokyo) September Game Booth B2B/B2C
39 2024 K-Story & Comics in China China (Beijing) September Cartoon Story Self-Operating B2B
40 Concept Korea 2025 S/S USA (New York) September Fashion Self-Operating B2B
41 The Selects New York 2025 S/S USA (New York) September Fashion Self-Operating B2B
42 2024 Music Entertainment Fair (MU:CON) Korea (Seoul) September Music Self-Operating B2B/B2C
43 2024 Muse on Live Week Korea (Seoul) September Music Self-Operating B2C
44 Korea Japan Festival 2024 in Tokyo Japan (Tokyo) September Broadcasting, Music etc. B2C
45 2024 K-Content Expo in India India (New Delhi) September All Self-Operating B2B
46 2024 K-Expo France (Paris) September All Self-Operating B2B/B2C
47 2024 China Licensing Expo China (Shanghai) 10.16~10.18 Character Booth B2B/B2C
48 MIPJunior / MIPCOM 2024 France (Cannes) 10.21~10.24 Broadcasting, Animation Booth B2B
49 Immersive Content Global Festival Canade (Toronto) October Technology Self-Operating B2B/B3C
50 2024 K-Story & Comics in America USA (Los Angeles) October Cartoon Story Self-Operating B2B
51 Frankfurt Book Fair 2024 Germany (Frankfurt) October Cartoon Story Self-Operating/Booth B2B
52 NEW YORK COMIC CON USA (New York) October Cartoon Self-Operating/Booth B2C
53 The Selects Paris 2025 S/S France (Paris) October Fashion Self-Operating B2B
54 Fashion KODE 2025 S/S Korea (Seoul) October Fashion Self-Operating B2B/B2C
55 Korea Spotlight @SXSW Sydney 2024 (on the table) Australia (Sydney) October Music etc. B2B/B2C
56 Korea Spotlight @Japan 2024 Japan (Tokyo) October Music Self-Operating B2B/B2C
57 2024 Music Techtonics USA (Los Angeles) October Music etc. B2B
58 TIFFCOM 2024 Japan (Tokyo) October
59 Korea-Japan game business exchange meeting (linked to TGS Korea Booth) Japan (Tokyo) October Game Self-Operating B2B
60 Korea-Japan broadcasting business exchange meeting (linked to TIFFCOM Korea Booth) Japan (Tokyo) October Broadcasting Self-Operating B2B
61 2025 Jakarta Fastion Week Indonesia (Jakarta) October Fashion etc. B2B/B2C
62 2024 K-Content Expo in Sweden Sweden (Stockholm) October All Self-Operating B2B
63 2024 K-Expo Indonesia (Jakarta) October or November All Self-Operating B2B/B2C
64 2024 Korea Contents Week in Shanghai China (Shanghai) early November All Self-Operating B2B
65 Drama Original Sounds Korea 2024 Japan (Tokyo) early November Broadcasting, Music Self-Operating B2B/B2C
66 2024 IAAPA USA (Orlando) November Game Booth B2B
67 Korea Spotlight @Mexico 2024 (on the table) Mexico (Mexico City) November Music Self-Operating B2B/B2C
68 Taiwan Creative Content Festival Taiwan November Broadcasting Self-Operating B2B
69 2024 Dubai International Contnet Market (DICM) UAE November Broadcasting Self-Operating B2B
70 Korea-Thailand Soft Power Together Day 2024 Thailand (Bangkok) November All Self-Operating B2B
71 2024 K-Content Expo in Germany Germany (Frankfurt) November All Self-Operating B2B
72 KoCoLo Awards 2024 (Korean Wave Achievement Award) Japan (Tokyo) early December All Self-Operating B2B
73 ATF 2024 Singapore December Broadcasting Booth B2B
74 Dari Awards 2024 (Korean Wave Achievement Award) USA (Los Angeles) December All Self-Operating B2B
75 Angouleme International Comics Festival France (Angouleme) January, 2025 Cartoon Story Self-Operating/Booth B2B
76 Korea Spotlight @England 2024 (on the table) UK (London) TBD Music Self-Operating B2B/B2C
77 BCWW 2024 Korea (Seoul) TBD Broadcasting Self-Operating B2B
78 2024 K-Content Planet Italy TBD All Self-Operating B2C