5Bricks is a talented original IP creator and animation production company based in Korea. We pursue producing content with creativity and diversity from the warm stories to the visual interesting.

With the collaboration of various global partners, 5Bricks has launched its first commercial animated series, a slapstick-adventure comedy show ‘Tata and Kuma' season1 worldwide through various content platforms in 2022. Its season 2 is under production, targeted to launch in the late 2023.

Following the successful launch of 'Tata and Kuma', 5Bricks is focusing on the pre-production of a few animated projects such as 'Hana and Molly', a preschool show and 'CV Brothers', a adventure show.

Business Description

2018-2021 TV and OTT Series Animation "TATA AND KUMA’S ADVENTURE" Season1,2 Production / 2mins 30secs x 104 Episodes / 2D / Slapsticks Comedy Adventure
2019-2022 TV and OTT Series Animation "AMAZING12" Character and Story Development 11mins x 52 Episodes / Comedy Adventure.
2020-2023 TV and OTT Series Animation "Hana & Molly" Character and Story Development 7mins x 40 Episodes / Preschool


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