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Immersive Content
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Metaverse augmented reality content platform

When developing AR content, there is the inconvenience of separately purchasing each program that fits all AR-related elements and then independently developing and optimizing it, so the development period is prolonged and labor costs are always rising. Thus, by including all element technologies for developing face and body tracking recognition-based AR contents in the integrated platform, anyone can easily develop high-performance, high-quality AR contents. A technology that allows the creation of a story by creating a 3D avatar of the user.

Business Description

1. Metaverse immersive interactive augmented reality service

2. Development of products and services using an augmented reality content platform based on body tracking and recognition using motion capture

3. Patented method for creating augmented reality emoji stickers through face recognition Avatar, AR Sicker, etc. are realized by automatically recognizing face and body curves

4. Location-based service (ex. Pokemon Go) + Clubhouse function

5. Combination of the strengths of Clubhouse and Gathertown


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