Snap Action_ Realistic Interactive Augmented Reality Content

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AR content integrated development platform: AR video interactive content implemented without additional auxiliary equipment
- Each content is like a short movie for each content, allowing the user to interact with the characters in the content
A video of experiencing reality together is implemented, and the background and image of the augmented reality and
AR Filter is applied, which tracks the user's appearance and moves along with the user by recognizing the face.
Implemented exactly on top of that.
- When a predetermined action is performed in response to the user's action, a special item is implemented, and these body weights
You can experience augmented reality content experience for a set period of time by topic, which combines cognition and motion recognition.
AR interactive experience technology. Customized IP and character customized to customer needs AR Sticker, Mask,
Apply avatar.
- It is possible to apply customized content to the characteristics of each country and culture and use character IP.

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We are moving forward towards augmented reality content metaverse service

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Metaverse augmented reality content platform

When developing AR content, there is the inconvenience of separately purchasing each program that fits all AR-related elements and then independently developing and optimizing it, so the development period is prolonged and labor costs are always rising. Thus, by including all element technologies for developing face and body tracking recognition-based AR contents in the integrated platform, anyone can easily develop high-performance, high-quality AR contents. A technology that allows the creation of a story by creating a 3D avatar of the user.

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