Awesomepia is established in March 2015, certified as a venture company specialized in VR, AR contents planning, production, and S/W technology development.
In 2016, the company received VC (venture capital) investment in recognition of the excellent corporate performance and business feasibility of VR and AR sector technology, and contents.
In 2017, Awesomepia was chosen as the Seoul Strong-Small company and become the member of the Hi-Seoul Brand, which awards to leading company of its fields in Seoul.

Main Projects
Jeju-Haenyeo, 360 VR documentaries featured in Google Daydream
Pyeongchang GoGo, AR game for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
Come out, Dokkaebi, AR and Holographic performance for children
I need Healing, VR interaction mind-healing contents

Awesomepia is committed to becoming the best ICT and cultural content convergence company in Korea, and we will strive to create new values through more challenges and convergence in the future.

Business Description

2016.04 KOCCA, Regional specific content development contract
2016.08 MOU with MBC Art
2016.11 MOU with Eon Reality
2017.01 KOCCA, 'Come out, Dokkaebi' exhibition, Mokpo City
2017.02 KOCCA, 'Come out, Dokkaebi' exhibition, Yeosu City
2017.03 GilliSoft, AR Health Examination Results Program
2017.03Tutoring, VR English Education Program(Edutainment)
2017.06 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, VR promotion goods planning and production(VR)
2017.08 Google and Chosun Daily, Jeju Haenyeo VR documentary production
2017.12 Namyangju City, The Museum of History and Culture 'Geojunggi' CG VR contents production
2018.01 Ganwon Province, AR APP 'Pyeongchang GoGo' Additional contract for maintenance services
2018.05 NIPA(National IT industry Promotion Agency), Interaction Coexistence professional personnel training Education Management Project
2018.09 Playtica, Guri city Open
2018.11 MOU with VR Carver
2019.01 NIPA, Interaction Coexistence professional personnel training Education Management Project


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