CG TALE studio Inc. is a CG video planning and production company that is formed by three people who
have experience of producing and supervising CG images of various genres accumulated in famous CG
production from all over the world including Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, China and Singapore.


Business Description

CG TALE Inc. is a professional company that specializes in CG directing and CG video projects. It has been established based off of CG video productions and Director experiences from famous CG productions of diverse genres like VFX for theaters and TVs, 3D animation, game cinematics, TV commercials, Media arts from various countries like America, Japan, Singapore, China and Canada
Not only do we fully manage various CG video projects but also provides different types of video technique advises from the pre-production stage. We do more than just normal CG videos we are also able to CG produce diverse genres like VR/AR, Hologram and Media Facade. We are running a system where we establish consortium or partnership with a company or team for their respective genre which we have domestic and foreign channel connections. And after going through professional steps, we are able to provide the finest outcome.
Also we are developing original CGI contents and researching on various video skills together.


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