Virtual Influencer 'MONO_MARS'



“Mono” is an animation created specifically for social media that tells the story of a robot character “Mono”, who embarks on an exploration mission to Mars.

Just like an influencer/vlogger, Mono continuously uploads short clips on social media, sharing his adventure to Mars to the world.

By gaining popularity on social media platforms, we can create character exposure much more efficiently compared to the traditional animation platforms, and thereby achieving character merchandising and licensing effectively.

Considering that the general business goal of animation is to commercialize characters, we thought that the production cost of a traditional series animation was high and the efficiency of raising character awareness was low. The conclusion is that “Mono” can raise character awareness more effectively by posting short but quality content on social media more often.

Leveraging the characteristics of social media, we are able to make sponsorship deals, creating fast revenue. Also, as an online platform, merchandising avenues are much more accessible and have more potential reach.

In summary, by creating a character and broadcasting it on social media, we can gain popularity much more cost effectively, resulting in a globally recognizable character, which in return will create more opportunities in commercialization and additional content such as series, full length features, games, VR/metaverse and more.

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Animation Startup


CG TALE studio Inc. is a CG video planning and production company that is formed by three people who
have experience of producing and supervising CG images of various genres accumulated in famous CG
production from all over the world including Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, China and Singapore.

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