Always Be Cheongchun!!
Gender, age, personality, status, occupation, nationality
without being confined to any limits
People who love and care about acting and videos
We're always working together like a youth and collaborating together
It's a video production company, Cheongchunter.

I'm the CEO of the company, planning, directing, writing, casting, acting,
Since I'm doing a lot of work, compared to other companies,
Low cost and short-term video production is possible.
Request for video production, appearance, collaboration, other inquiries, etc
Please feel free to contact us via email or Instagram ^^
I'll repay you with a good video!

Instagram: pencio88

Business Description

I started producing videos from 2020
14 production awards,
As of 2022 year now,
Selected production support for 9 projects and outsourced 7 projects
It's a startup.

[Production support selection]
1. Joint project for humanities video of Hanseong University's migration
2. GS SHOP Social Media Impact Project
3. Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation everywhere
4. Seoul Senior Citizen Film Festival Memory Archive Project 'Life Exchange'
5. Video content of Culture Line 1
6. New Northern Youth Creator
7. Seoul Metropolitan Government SNS Promotion Project
8. A Regional Linkage Project for Campus Town Start-up Companies at Hansung University
9. The second project to support the liquidation of cultural and artistic remnants and the promotion of anti-Japanese activities

[Outsourced MC]
1. SRT YouTube PD PR Video Production (SR)
2. Producing VR videos for Army recruits (VENTA VR)
3. Producing a book concert video (Kim Jiyoung)
5. Production of Jangchung-dong Jokbal Viral Advertising (Myeongin Jokbal)
6. Sketch video production at the 14th Seoul Senior Citizens' Film Festival (Seoul Senior Welfare Center)
7. Production of a promotional video for YouTube PD by the Korea Marine Environment Corporation (Korea Marine Environment Corporation)


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