C-JeS Entertainmet

CJES ENTERTAINMENT provides a wide range of services, from star management to contents planning, new star recruitment and performing business, and we aim to become a comprehensive entertainment service company with greater presence beyond Asia and into the world. Based on the dissemination of the contents of the Korean Wave and the convergence between new media and contents, we develop premium star marketing business. Since its foundation in December 2009, CJES ENTERTAINMENT has grown into a well-established entertainment business, with a total of 80 employees. Our business organization consists of Management Business Team, Contents Planning , Media Team, Overseas Performance Team, Recording Business Team, Media Marketing Team, Advertisement Team, Finance Accounting Team, MD Business Team, Design Team and Scenario Analysis Team, and we also have Tourism Business Division. In 2014, we recorded KRW 59 billion in sales revenue.


Business Description

C-JES Production has a number of scenario writers who wrote the following dramas, Kwon Ki-young for SBS 'Protect the Boss' in 2011 and SBS 'All about My Love' in 2013. Kim Ki-ho for MBC sitcom 'Hello Francheska season No3' in 2005~2006, tvN 'Blue Tower' in 2013 and SBS 'Modern Farmer' in 2014. Roh Ji-seol for SBS 'Scent of a woman' in 2011 and SBS 'My Lovely Girl' in 2014. Baek Wun-cheol for KBS 'Strongest Chil-woo' in 2008 and SBS 'Suspicious Maid' in 2013. Cheong Hyun-min for KBS 'President' in 2011 and KBS 'Jung Do-jeon' in 2014, who also won awards at the 41st Korea Broadcasting Award, the 7th Korea Drama Awards and the KBS Drama Award. C-JES Production is a comprehensive contents production company and its business portfolio includes the production business (planning, production and distribution of TV dramas), global business, planning, production and overseas sales rights of contents and marketing business PPL, broadcasting marketing, MD, OST production and distribution


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