Immersive Content
Since 2014, CNBOX has started its own content, "Subway Disaster Safety VR Content"
We produce VR contents of the training and safety education, history, sports, art has
For safety education content is supplied to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Central Training Institute
It has played a role in safety training guide content VR content being distributed currently produced.
As well as the interaction of private enterprises, such as content production and orders and produced various promotional VR content kiwoomyeo extensive experience and expertise in VR content
Domestic and Overseas Education VR Contents We are attracting much attention and interest.

Business Description

2017. 12 Youngjong Paradise Resort VR Development
2017. 12 Development of virtual reality contents for Cheong Wa Dae
2017. 11 Sales of VR contents for safety education in Korea Youth Activity Agency
2017.10 2017.09 Mercedes-Benz AND Christian Dior Collaborative Application Development, Creation of Teacher Virtual Reality 16 pieces ~ 2014
2017. 08 LX Korea National Territorial Information Corporation 'Hae Hak Ki' Teacher History Education VR / Ahn Jung Keun Experience VR Contents / Future Real Estate Experience VR Contents Production
2017.06 ~ 07 Korea Employment Information Service Future smart farm experience VR / future car experience VR development
2017. 03 ~ 05 LG VR contents development / Hwaseong city virtual reality experience progress

2014. 11 Improving Disaster Response Capacity Development of Virtual Reality (VR) Contents


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