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Driven by constant creation and challenges since its foundation in 1995, Haksan Publishing Co., Ltd. is a content publishing and creation group striving to bring the value of inspiration and joy to a broad audience.

One of the major Japanese manga publishers in South Korea, Haksan Publishing adapts to a constantly changing business environment by producing and distributing competitive content in various new fields, including digital content and merchandising business.

Besides continuously leading the manga publishing industry, Haksan Publishing is also adapting to the changing market environment of the digital content era by producing and distributing webtoon and webnovel content of the highest quality. We produce major IPs in the domestic market and aim to make our content shine even more in the digital age through online services, global distribution, and OSMU business. More than 160 of our webtoon titles are distributed in 12 languages around the world, and we are actively working on entering foreign markets with our webnovels and webtoon printed books.

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