Lotte Cultureworks Co., Ltd.

Lotte Cultureworks is the umbrella that houses Lotte Cinema and Lotte Entertainment divisions. Lotte Entertainment is a fully-integrated leading entertainment company with global operations in film and TV series investment, distribution, production and international sales with hundreds of IP within its content library. Lotte Entertainment consistently leads the Korean motion pictures industry in the production and distribution of Top 10 Box Office films including Along with the Gods, Escape from Mogadishu, Concrete Utopia, and Sleep. Lotte Entertainment also has developed and produced Netflix Top 10 series including Thirty-Nine and Palemoon, and The 8 Show. Lotte Cinema is a global movie theater business that operates 142 theaters in Korea as well as 40 theaters in Vietnam.

Business Description

LOTTE ENTERTAINMENT (Content business) : Lotte Entertainment has been entertaining the audience by presenting a wide range of lineups, ranging from large commercial films to films dealing with social messages and independent films. In addition to movies, we are expanding our business to various areas such as performances, TV series, and new media contents, aiming for a comprehensive content studio model using various IPs. In addition, it is contributing to the development of the domestic content industry by supporting creators through the largest competition in Korea and exporting excellent domestic IPs overseas. Lotte Entertainment has been active in various types of content related collaborations with international partners including investment fund, co-production and sales.

LOTTE CINEMA (PLATFORM BUSINESS) : Lotte Cinema is a global company that first started its movie theater business in 1999 and currently operates 140 theaters in Korea and 40 theaters in Vietnam. In 2014, Lotte Cinema World Tower, which has the world's largest screen registered in the Guinness Book of Records, has been opened and operated, and we are forming a new trend by experiencing various contents with the audience and enjoying cultural contents through communication and exchange.


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