MJ Production

Our solutions are designed to instantly influence the market and consumers on the marketing frontiers and offer them a lifestyle and culture of greater value with end to end solution delivering strategic planning, advertisement, design, and production.

Our solution offers off-line advertising, promotional videos, CF and CM advertisement, home shopping advertisement, online POP advertisement, on offline advertisement design.

Entertainment Management and Agency Business
Since 2001, MJ Production started entertainment management business with singers and actors and in 2011, we have expanded our business launching the first systematic racing model management and agency in Korea.

MJ Productions believes creativity is the core of changing the market and values ​​our relationship with customers.
We solve customer problems with creative solutions and generate new values which will lead the market.

MJ Production is your true partner.

Business Description

1. Advertisement
2. Advertisement Filming
3. Event Agency
4. Web Design and Web Development
5. Printed materials Design and Production


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