CarrieSoft Co., Ltd.

CarrieSoft (, a media studio specializing in family and kid friendly contents, follows a mission statement of "Happy Family" Through out in-house Carrie Friends IP, we create various programs such as 2D / 3D animations and musicals. The programs are also syndicated on the company’s own IPTV channel called Carrie TV on Korea’s two major IPTV platforms such as KT OllehTV and SK Broadband. We currently own and operate dozens of international channels on YouTube, Iqiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku.

Carrie and Friends, a Presidential Award character IP, is well known amongst Korean families through 2D/3D animations, live videos, and series of musicals in front of live audience. The kid friendly contents expand beyond YouTube and TV syndication, garnering offline operations such as Children’s Indoor Playgrounds and Merchandise Pop Up Stores. In Korea, more than 500 toys and edible goods are manufactured and sold through licensed partners on both offline and online platforms. CarrieSoft also offers ODM based character products for families in Asia through CarrieShop; Carrie POP, a bubble body cleanser, is one example of the ODM items in collaboration with Cosmax China.

CarrieSoft IPO to KOSDAQ in 2019, timing will be of essence to invest in more excitement for global audience. CarrieSoft's growth into the Global's Top content creator will be imminent as we expand our business past IP licensing, musical performances, education, and e-commerce.


Business Description

ㅇ Established in October 30, 2014
ㅇ Over 10 channels on youtube and naverTV, each channel specialized in story, game, song and different languages. All the video contents are produced in-house. (over 4 M subscribers and over 4 B accumulated views on youtube)
ㅇ VOD services on all 3 IPTVs and CableTV in Korea since 2015
ㅇ 24hours live TV service, CarrieTV on KT Ollehtv(ch.143) and SK Btv(ch.183) in throughout Korea since 2017
ㅇ Global content services
- IPTV_ China (China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom total approx. 67 million houses), Vietnam (FPT, VNPT) approx.1.5 million houses)
- OTT_ China (Xiaomi) approx. 28 million people, Vietnam (FPT play, VNPT OTT) approx. 9.5 million poeple
- Regional terrestrial broadcasters_ China (Heilongjiang, Gillim) approx. 1million houses
ㅇ Content service on major Chinese video platforms such as youku, Iquiyi, Tencent Video, Sohu, and more. (more than 6.5 Billion accumulated views)


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