Carriesoft Co., Ltd.

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Carriesoft Co., Ltd. is a content IP-based animation and broadcast video program production studio.
Founded in October 2014, it won the Presidential Award in the Character category of the Korea Content Grand Prize for the character of "Carrie and Friends" in 2017, and was listed on the KOSDAQ in Korea in October 2019.

Carrie Animation Studio (CAS) produced its first animated film <Carrie and Super Kola> and released it in Korea, China, and Vietnam in 2023. It is producing its second film <Delivery Heroes_musical adventure>. It is also producing 2 animation series works of <Carrie and Super Kola_season 1>(26 eps.) and <Little Carrie's Big Question>(40 ep. which are series for TV and OTT, with the aim of completing and distributing it in 2024.

These works will be distributed around the world shortly after they are completed.
In addition, Carriesoft operated a number of channels on YouTube, recording more than 6 billion views, and supplying content to major video platforms in China (Yoku, iQiyi, Tencent Video, etc.), recording more than 7 billion views in China alone.
Outside of Korea and China, we are directly promoting global distribution of content through cooperation with distributors, video platforms, and broadcasters in foreign countries.

In addition, Carriesoft is expanding its business to various areas such as performance, education, and games based on its own IP. For performances, it started in 2017 and has reached a cumulative 700,000 paid audience as of early 2024, and education is distributed in Korea and China by developing an English education <Carrie English> program for preschoolers. <Carrieverse>, a Web 3.0 metaverse game developed through a joint venture, will be commercialized in more than 150 countries around the world within the first quarter of 2024.
With the slogan "Make Kids Happy" and "Happy Family," Carriesoft is realizing its vision of growing into a comprehensive entertainment company for children and families.


Business Description

Carriesoft's Key Business Status

1. Production Studio
- We produce a broadcast video program.
- 3D Animation Content (Animated Movies, Animation Series Works for TVs, OTT, etc.)

2. Character IP Development and Commercialization
- We develop our own IP characters, such as <Carrie and Friends> and <Kola from Space>, and apply them to various contents.
- We directly develop various products and services with IP characters or support the commercialization through IP licensing.

3. Performance
- Plan, produce, and implement performance works such as musicals and concerts for children and families. Since 2017, more than two works have been produced every year.

4. Education
- We develop various educational contents, related services, and products, such as language education such as English and Korean, and entertainment education such as ballet and dance, and provide them to the public.

5. Game
- We develop games in collaboration with professional development companies, distribute them around the world, and operate them.
- As of 1Q 2024, we have developed the metaverse game <Carrieverse> and will serve more than 150 countries in 2024.

6. Overseas
- We are promoting business expansion in the Chinese market by establishing and operating local offices and local subsidiaries in Shanghai and Beijing, China.
- Together with partners from overseas countries, we are diversifying our business through the spread and distribution of our character IP and related contents.


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