Metaverse-based Real Product Compensation Farm Management Simulation Game "Real Farm" Production Company
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Neo Games Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and is a technology innovation small and medium enterprise (Inno-Biz) certified by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in Korea.

In 2009, it expanded its business to the field of game and smartphone app development. In October 2012, it launched the world's first real-compensated farm management SNG game "Real Farm" in the Korean markets Play Store, Tstore, and App Store
It has achieved 10 million cumulative downloads, 60 billion cumulative sales, and has been stably serving 10 years later.

"Real Farm" is a game that introduced and developed an original concept that faithfully reflects the real farming process and allows you to actually receive agricultural products according to the results of farming in the game. It has achieved the top 50 sales rankings and the top 100 popular games and is almost the only game that has been developed and operated independently without publishers.

In addition, based on the gameability and physical compensation system of "Real Farm" verified in Korea since March 2020, we produced "Real Farm : Save the World"- a global version of "Real Farm" and published and released it directly in Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia.
So far, we have achieved only 2 million cumulative downloads, 1st place in Taiwan's PlayStore simulation, 1st place in Japan's PlayStore simulation, and have been steadily responding well so far.
Currently, it is expanding to several overseas countries based on Asia such as Taiwan and Japan.

We are expanding our business area not only to games but also to various fields such as e-commerce, and we are solidifying our position as a professional game development and professional agricultural shopping mall operator.


Business Description

* World's First Metaverse-Based Reality Farm Management Mobile Game "Real Farm" Service
- 2012.10 Mobile games based on AOS/IOS were released in Korea and are currently in service.

* Production and service of "Real Farm : Save the World", a global version of "Real Farm"
- 2020.03 AOS/IOS-based mobile games launched in Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia, and are still in service, expanding their countries.

* Real Farm Market: Shopping mall service specializing in domestic cultivated varieties and regional specialized agricultural products (Korea)
- 2022.03 Promote/sell domestic cultivated varieties and regional specialty agricultural products through business partnerships with the Rural Development Administration and regional agricultural cooperatives.


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