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o2o The proliferation of the market and the explosion of outsourcing in the delivery market have backfired
·Small deliverymen are reduced to platform workers, reckless driving due to the fee system, and the mass production of lawless people on the roads – a surge in traffic accidents on motorcycles, resulting in a surge in social and economic opportunity costs
·A phenomenon in which delivery companies that act as agents for delivery monopolize each other in motorbike delivery containers offline-- Small business owners return to flyers and book ads, causing a disturbance in flyers
·The smart delivery box that the company intends to develop is configured to be requested by one small business owner, and the two deliverymen can use the smartphone app to change the motorcycle delivery box of the three motorbike courier to one another in real time.
·The consumer base for the products is not only the delivery service company or the quick service company, but also the government, self-staff


Business Description

·The current stage of product development is the prototype stage.
- First in the world to put the Internet of Things into a motorcycle carrier, suggesting solutions to social problems
- Removable and recyclable glass reinforced fiber (FRP) materials for the first delivery containers in the world
By employing PC+ABS materials, mass production is possible using mold injection method.
-- import, convert to export item
- Korea's first legitimate delivery service - ICT regulated sandbox transit product (past)
- First in the world to give deliverymen the opportunity to participate in the social and public nature
- Produce the world's first real-time advertising control protocol based on ICT
· Fundamental to the global delivery market is the "fee exploitative ecosystem"
Improve the eco-system of the delivery market by spreading the "profit-sharing ecosystem."
· Increase in real income of deliverymen around the world through the presentation of a new revenue model called paid advertising


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