PLAYLIST Corporation

PLAYLIST’s logo shows our mission to create fun and happy pop culture by moving people’s minds and the world through relatable content.
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  • Location : 34F, Central Park Tower 17, Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
PLAYLIST is a drama production studio established in 2017 under the joint investment of Naver Webtoon and SNOW. As the No.1 digital studio leading the pop culture in Asia, we seek to make the world a joyful and happy place.


Business Description

- Produced our first web series <Love Playlist>, followed by titles such as <A-Teen> that well resonated the teenage and 20-something viewers in 2017
- Branched out into TV in 2020 with the series <XX> and <Live On>, also expanding our production scale into mid-form and long-form titles
- Attracted series-B investment worth 25B KRW in 2021
- Securing license deals with writers and producers of Naver Webtoon cartoons and bestselling web novels to develop new intellectual properties


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