MBC America

MBC America was established in Los Angeles, CA in 1991 and broadcasts, distributes, and sells MBC shows to North, Central, and South America. It serves as a medium to expand MBC’s business, and it is a passageway to share information regarding important Korean issues and to lead the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, in the United States.
In order to expand the Korean Wave and its businesses, MBC America provides excellent MBC shows to a diverse pool of viewers throughout the United States. Using various marketing strategies to reach out to Asian Americans, mainstream media, and other ethnic backgrounds, we provide a variety of programs online through mobile applications, Smart TVs, and other new technology. MBC America strives to share Korean culture with viewers from all over the world and lead the global television market.


Business Description

MBC America operates four 24-hr TV channels in North America including two premium channels, one HD channel, one homeshopping channel and one terrestrial channel. MBC America also distributes contents throughout North and South America including licensing of format and remake. Recently, MBC America has sold a singing competition show format called 'King of Mask Singer' to Fox which aired in January of 2019. MBC America's TV channels and contents are most widely distributed in America territories among all Korean TV networks. Truly a leader with over 700 hours of Spanish dubbed dramas and one and only to operate a nationwide homeshopping business as well as character business


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