PlayOnCast Corp.

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PlayOnCast Corp. has been a leading company in the field of planning, production, and overseas distribution of competitive diversity content since 2009. We have the VR-AR-4K-8K, the UHD, 4K (HDR), 8K, and the new media platform's contents in various genres. We are a media and content specialist company that promotes the broadcasting and media industry. In addition to providing globalization solutions for broadcasting programs and media, we have produced the world's best UHD-4K 'Future City: Chernobyl (HDR), the World's Most Exotic Touring destinations, Classic Linage: Piano Forte’, and differentiated programs. We are playing a role as a broadcasting partner to create and share. From now on, we have partnered with content producers around the world to create a premium global content creator network.

Business Description

Media content planning, production, marketing and sales
Media Channel Business
Post production and co-production
Diverse Content OSMU
To acquire and expand the content source story
New media content platform and creator business


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