Pyogo Studio

Pyogo Studio draws its inspiration from the shiitake mushroom, reflecting the essence of '표고' in the Korean language – a word symbolizing growth in harmony with nature. This philosophy resonates with Korea's unique cultural heritage, rooted in honoring the natural order through the ages. Embracing a harmonious blend of traditional Korean culture with modern fashion, Pyogo Studio creates innovative fashion items. Our brand reinterprets the traditional culture, born from the natural order, with a modern sensibility, striving for profound beauty and intrinsic value.
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  • Location : 205 38, Samseongyo-ro 10ba-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
Pyogo Studio, founded in July 2023, is a new Korean fashion brand that combines beautiful traditional Korean culture with a modern sensibility. While continuing the roots of our culture and crafts, we also present items reinterpreted with a contemporary touch.

HERITAGE: Where Tradition Meets Modernity
Pyogo Studio blends the inherent beauty of traditional Korean crafts and hanbok with modern fashion, creating unique fashion items. Our pieces showcase the aesthetic of Korea to the world, leading the way in bringing K-fashion to the global stage.

VISION: Pursuing Greater Life Values
By harmoniously combining modern fashion and traditional culture, Pyogo Studio proposes a unique lifestyle. We never settle for the present and continuously innovate to shape global fashion and lifestyle trends.

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