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Step 1 : Completed first A.I. research about Smart Game Platform based on IoT Platform.
Step 2 : MR (Mixed Reality) , developing A.I Machine Running A.I technology
QONG is a MR Console that makes players to see each other, without VR kits. It is an inclusive console for every age groups with competing contents. With QONG console you can play with a kinetic robot that can react to the players movement patterns and tendencies!
① Magnetic field object movement tech : Can move balls and rackets with Magnetic field
② MR (Mixed Reality) : MR Double Display, AR Joypad – MR Console that gives experience of the real world and virtual world at the same time.
③ Use of AR Gears : various possible movements by Racket’s inclination, direction and other items.
④ A.I Game Engine Can choose between : Player VS Player or Player VS A.I. Physical calculation algorism that gives the angle and speed of the object.
⑤ 4D Interaction, vital reaction : Fireball - Heats the racket, Ice-ball system


Business Description

◦ Inventiveness and Differentiation of our QONG (5 technical patent registrations and 7
① Competitive Match Game - Player VS Player, Player VS AI
② 4D, 5 senses interaction - 4D effect of heat, cold air, etc. through thermal conduction sensor
③ 5 AR items and highly sporty games (scalability) - Exercise effect by moving pad, (Curve ball, Tornado ball, EMP, Reverse etc.)Various ball movements through items
④ Unconnected magnetic field object movement technology - IoT robot technology convergence wireless high-speed object movement
⑤ Ball, racket wireless charging system - Technology that automatically charges when the power of ball and racket is low
⑥ Artificial intelligence robot - Customized robot to respond to user patterns and tendencies
⑦ Mixed Reality and AR technology - MR dual-display technology (3 cases related to technology patent applications) proprietary technology that provides virtual and realistic experience without using VR glasses - moving object location tracking and AR linkage technology


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