MR-A.I robot gamemachine-QONG

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Most of the products that integrate VR with a typical VR game console or existing fitness equipment are dizzy and self-enjoyed, which is less effective in sustainability and fun. We need a solution for continuous use. Our QONG Hockey (table) game machine allows us to enjoy MR technology without wearing the Daejeon game element and VR equipment. In addition, it is an independent platform that can have a variety of content and products as well as various follow-up content battle games

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QODE Interactive co.,ltd.

Step 1 : Completed first A.I. research about Smart Game Platform based on IoT Platform.
Step 2 : MR (Mixed Reality) , developing A.I Machine Running A.I technology
QONG is a MR Console that makes players to see each other, without VR kits. It is an inclusive console for every age groups with competing contents. With QONG console you can play with a kinetic robot that can react to the players movement patterns and tendencies!
① Magnetic field object movement tech : Can move balls and rackets with Magnetic field
② MR (Mixed Reality) : MR Double Display, AR Joypad – MR Console that gives experience of the real world and virtual world at the same time.
③ Use of AR Gears : various possible movements by Racket’s inclination, direction and other items.
④ A.I Game Engine Can choose between : Player VS Player or Player VS A.I. Physical calculation algorism that gives the angle and speed of the object.
⑤ 4D Interaction, vital reaction : Fireball - Heats the racket, Ice-ball system

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