We are manufacturing Execution System (MES) which is applied to Smart Factory based on our own developed ERP.
The reason for this development is that many sewing factories in Korea have advanced into Indonesia. Buyer who wants to supply goods is a global logistics distribution company, and all systems are computerized companies, but the sewing industry is a labor-intensive primary industry which is very difficult to computerize. Many companies have tried and failed to apply the computerization required by buyers. However, we have developed a specialized ERP system. In addition to ERP, we expanded our service to Smart Manufacturing 4.0 based on this. It is a system that can manage all processes such as SCM, MES, WMS, etc. based on ERP through machine learning, and it confirms necessary information in the production process by tracking materials in the process.
Because it is a program system developed on the basis of ERP developed by itself, the function of ERP basically entered. Devel

Business Description

Smart ERP System Products
100 percent Fully Customizing
Production Management System
MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
Material Purchase Planning and Forecast (Safety, Appropriate, Inventory Control)
MES (Manufacture Execution System) Production Planning and Forecast
Supply Chain Management (SCM) System
Procurement, Purchase and Import, Export Management, Purchase Planning and Forecast
Inventory Control, Management System – Safety, Appropriate Inventory Control
Logistics, Shipment, Transport, Cargo, Courier Management
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Human Resource Management System
Payroll Management System
Distribution Management System
Shop, Sales, Marketing, Consignment Management, Sales Forecast, Planning
Hybrid POS Software
Finance, Accounting and Asset Management System


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