Making video contents with new stories, SAY ON MEDIA generates new contents and creates diverse business areas. SAY ON MEDIA dreams of producing entertainment loved by the world, beyond Korea and Asia.

SAY ON MEDIA opened the Korean web-drama market, producing an innovative web-drama titled “Because We Haven’t Broken Up Yet’” when web-drama industry was fledgling in Korea. Soon after, the company produced human blockbuster drama for SBS: “Doctor Stranger” and fantasy romance drama for TV Chosun: “Bride of the Century’.”
SAY ON MEDIA grew into a midsize contents production company that develops various genres and produces them with a seamlessly organized producer system.

Then, SAY ON MEDIA entered the Chinese Media Market.
We became known in China after our drama “Singles Villa” aired on Hunan TV during prime time as the first-ever Korean Drama. Also, when we produced Chinese web-drama “Best Couple’” to air on YOUKU, we built the foundation as a global contents production company.

Business Description

2012 - Establishment of Aura Media

2013 - 06 NAVER TV Drama ‘Because We Haven’t Broken Up Yet’ Production
04 Office Relocated to Current Address (Hapjeongdong)

2014 - 06 Chinese Web Drama ‘Banana Boy’ Production
04 SBS ‘Doctor Stranger’ Production
02 TV Chosun ‘Bride of the Century’ Production

2015 - 01 China Hunan TV Drama ‘Singles Villa’ Production

2016 - 12 China YOUKU (Korea-China Collaboration) ‘Best Couple’ Production
07 China SOHU (Korea-China Collaboration) ‘28 Faces of the Moon’ Production
06 China SOHU (Korea-China Collaboration) ’ ’The Magic Phone’ Production
06 China SOHU (Korea-China Collaboration) ’Under the Black Moonlight ’

2017 - 11 Co-produced hardcore closed-door suspense show “Closed Ward”with KT Olleh TV Mobile service
09 Company name change or Office Relocated to Current Address (Sangamdong)
Korea-China Collaboration Drama ‘How Are U Bread’ Production

2018 - 08 MBC Drama ‘Risky Romance‘ Production
03 MBC Drama ‘Let’s look at the sunset, Holding hands.’ Production

2019 - 12 KT Olleh TV Mobile ‘How Are U Bread’ Production
Artist Min-ah Kang, Seul-ki Bae, Seung-jun Im / Management Business

2020 - 05 The release of the Movie ‘Boychoir’


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