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  • Location : KSEEK Building 3 Floor 73, Jukdong-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Developing 3D TOF cam scanner
3D handy camera technology
3D scanner technology
Light source alteration technology
2D 3D reconstruction technology
Integrating the image editing and sharing system
Developing video channel and iOS / Android
Planning to develop our own cloud technology
Manufacturing / developing action cam
Compact Wi-Fi wearable device
Implementation of camera function
Managing our own online mall


Business Description

Private camera and smartphone app
Preview and self-editing function for art appreciation
Facebook, YouTube, SNS,
video player sharing
Create your own server.
Multi-channel offering
With Android OS
improvisational real time
longitudinal coverage
1 Physical
Industrial field IP camera
Leisure sports activities
Applications on other platforms
Real 3D Studio Remento 3D Studio
Completion of traditional lacquer work
Professor Yoon Sang-Hee s work at Cheongju University
Enable FDM printing
Ceramics mold work
- Craft design work production
Cheongju University Crafts Department pulmarum
- Sharp and sensual expression
- Character figures, human body output
3D scan operation
- Product Scan
- 3D re-touching technology.
- 3D modeling and rendering


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