The TIM Entertainment

TIM Entertainment is,
A Start-up Company that makes "Let's pioneer a new game market!", which is a concern of domestic game industry in a period of growth stagnation, as our motto to do, and plans to become a Global No.1 Game developer by developing a Game that can be played in New Game Platform which is based on VR and Block Chain technologies.


Business Description

- 2019.02 Incorporation.
- 2019.03 An approval for 100 million (KRW) loan and for Venture Certification from Korea Technology Finance Corp.
- 2019.03 Conclusion and implementation of VR Contents outsourcing development contract with GPM and Dragonfly Inc.
- 2019.03 Conclusion of VR FPS Game ZERONE IP transfer contract with Atticfab Inc.
- 2019.05 Conclusion of KOCCA Government Support Business agreement : Accomplishment of IP cooperation project
- 2019.06 Seoul VR AR EXPO 2019 entry work ZERONE got AWARDS in Game section
- 2019.06 Confirmation of moving in Contents Korea Lab(CKL) Start-up.
- 2019.07 Conclusion of mutual business agreement for strategic partnership between GPM and TIM Entertainment.
- 2019.07 Selection of Challenge X global accelerating program by BlockCrafters.
- 2019.07 Conclusion of AR application outsourcing development contract with NeoChaos.
- 2019.07 Selection and fulfillment of task supported by KOCCA start-up power station.


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