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EOS STAR is the first DApp Game work in Tim Entertainment and is SF construction and management simulation game that explore the space. Under the slogan "For humanity, pioneer a wider universe!“, the player becomes a great explorer who finds unknown planet and develops it. EOS STAR uses Main net and EOS which is a token based on EOS technology, and the player explores and repairs his planet and accumulates achievements so that he can compete with other pioneers who are scattered in the space. The players also can play the game based on the 7 main systems as in the following, and they can create new property which has unique value during the game and save them in the blocks. We aim at Third generation Blockchain DApp Game so that our players can experiene various possibilities during the game and the value of their asset by ensuring its permanency and expandability.

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The TIM Entertainment

TIM Entertainment is,
A Start-up Company that makes "Let's pioneer a new game market!", which is a concern of domestic game industry in a period of growth stagnation, as our motto to do, and plans to become a Global No.1 Game developer by developing a Game that can be played in New Game Platform which is based on VR and Block Chain technologies.

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