The Writers

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  • Location : CCEI 9F, No 26 12, Daewangpangyo-ro 645beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
The Writers is the gathering of creators who work in various media (such as Movie, Drama, Animation, AR/VR). We also are collaborating with specialized small-companies and young professionals who are playing the most practical roles in the production field. We will continue to try to lead the future contents industry by challenging new content suitable for the new media age.

Business Description

April 20, 2017. Established.
2017 KBS Drama "School 2017", "Manhole", "Mad Dog", "Black Knight" OST M/V Production
2017 "Sunja and Sunja" - Planning development support for Production of Broadcast Video Content by KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency)
2017 VR Film "Detective K" - Planning development support on 3rd Gyeonggi VR / AR Create Audition by G-CON(Gyeonggi Content Agency)
2018 Web drama "Curling Girls" - Screenplay
2018 "Songpo Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd"Corporate Promotion Film Production
2018 "BENQ Asia Pacific Corp." Promotion Commercial Film Production
2018 VR/AR Global Pioneering Team of G-CON(Gyeonggi Content Agency) - Canada / Americas
2018 KBS drama "Matrimonial Chaos" OST M/V production
2018 "Hello, My Cat" - Supports Production of Independent Art Movies by KOFIC(Korean Film Council)
2018 Web Documentary "Youth, fly in regions" - Media tech content production support by G-CON(Gyeonggi Content Agency)
2019 Film "Hello, My Cat" for release in Aug, 2019.


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