logo of TWIGFARM Co., Ltd.
TWIGFARM is creating an ecosystem that produces and consumes content through generative AI services in the digital content field. We operate LETR WORKS, a digital content management platform that allows multilingual text content creation, voice content creation, and one-source multi-user, and heybunny, which allows you to subscribe to over 4,000 newsletters and reads, summarizes, and searches the newsletters you receive. I'm doing it.

Business Description

Developing generative AI, learning data, and securing cloud service-based technology through R&D support projects
- Played a key role as lead company in numerous R&D projects since founding in 2016
- Performed 8 R&D support projects, total project cost approximately 4.4 billion won

Management and protection of core technology intellectual property rights
- We are actively protecting/managing core technologies through continuous patent applications/registration, and establishing technology entry barriers and securing competitiveness through systematic IP strategies.

Productization and service supply capabilities
- Continuous growth by entering the market, such as building data and customized systems and digital content SaaS services


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